Boarding Policies & Procedures

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Reservation Request Form

Please complete and submit the Reservation Request Form available on our website.  Make sure to fill out the form completely.  Please make sure to submit your request a minimum of 10 days prior to your desired reservation date.

*If your pet is an existing patient with SWAH and has had an exam with SWAH in the last 12 months, please make sure to notate on the Reservation Request Form.

A SWAH representative will contact you within the same business day.

Medical Exam and Meet & Greet

All dogs and cats that have not boarded with SWAH within the last 12 months will be scheduled for a Medical Wellness and Health Assessment Exam.  If your dog has never boarded with SWAH they will also be scheduled for a Meet and Greet so that we can get to know them.   You will be scheduled to drop of your dog between 7 am and 8 am and pick them up between 11 am and 12 pm.  The cost for the medical evaluation is $50.00 (not including any vaccinations or other treatments needed).  There is no additional fee for the ½ day of lodging.

*At SWAH, we do not keep dogs in indoor/outdoor runs, therefore all dogs are leashed and walked outside for bathroom breaks. For this reason, all dogs that board with us need to be friendly with people and willing to allow our staff to handle them and safely move them throughout the facility.


SWAH requires reservations to secure boarding.  When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation via email. If you do not have a reservation with an email confirmation, we may not be able to admit your dog if we do not have availability.

If you need to cancel a reservation, it is as simple as cancelling online or just giving us a phone call. Cancellations may result in forfeiting your deposit (see below).

General Health

All dogs boarding with SWAH must be in overall good health, be completely ambulatory, able to eat on their own and not suffer from incontinence issues. Please notify us if your dog has any hearing or sight deficiencies so that we can accommodate for their comfort and safety.  If your dog has hip or joint conditions, or other physical conditions, please advise SWAH so that any special kennel arrangements can be made.

It is important for you to leave an emergency contact number other than someone that usually travels with you so that in the event you are unable to contact us, we have someone to contact about your dog’s stay. 


You must submit documentation from your veterinarian, that your dog is current on the following vaccinations:

DOGS:  Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, & Bordetella

If your pet needs to have their vaccinations updated, then you may schedule that with your Medical Exam visit.

All dogs must be at least 16 weeks old and be current on their vaccines.  The Rabies vaccine is required on all dogs by law.   While the law does not require the Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccines, to maintain the safety and well-being of all of our boarders, SWAH requires that all dogs boarding in our facility be current on these vaccines.  Please be aware that since vaccines take several days to a week to be effective, we require that all dogs receive their vaccines at least 10 days before they are scheduled to be boarded with SWAH.

It is your responsibility to bring by or submit via email (attach a link here) pet’s vaccination records, from a licensed veterinarian, a minimum of 10 days prior to their boarding reservation.  If you request that your veterinarian, send vaccine information over to us, you must still follow up and make sure that we received all of the required documentation.

Please be advised that we DO NOT recognize vaccines that are not administered by a licensed veterinarian and will not accept them due to health and safety guidelines.   

Any reservations that do not meet the Proof of Vaccination requirement (must be received by 10 days prior to stay) will forfeit reservation and deposit.

Fleas and Ticks

To maintain a safe and healthy outdoor experience for all our guests, all dogs boarding with SWAH are required to be free of fleas and ticks and other parasites.  We require that your dog be on a flea, tick, and heartworm treatment program and if needed, we will make recommendations for the best plan for your needs at their Medical Exam appointment.  If a dog is found to have fleas and/or ticks at that visit, an immediate treatment will be necessary to maintain their boarding reservation.


A 25% Deposit for the estimated total of the scheduled stay is due at the time the reservation is made and will be applied to the cost of the boarding stay.  If you cancel or change your reservation at least 48 hours before your scheduled arrival date, your deposit will be refunded or left as a credit on your account.   Deposits will be forfeited if cancellations or changes are made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date.   (Changes extending reservations will not incur a loss of deposit, but will be subject to availability)

It is your responsibility to make sure that you understand and agree to our boarding services fees prior to boarding your pet.   SWAH does not allow clients to defer payment beyond the time you pick up your pet.   In addition, boarding stays longer than one week will require payment in advance or a valid credit card to be on file for purposes of charging payment in full at the end of each week. If someone else will be picking up your dog, you may leave a card on file, pay via phone, or pay in advance.  If special arrangements must be made for your dog, for whatever reason, additional charges may be incurred.

SWAH accepts MC, Visa, AMEX & Discover for payment of boarding fees but does not accept checks for payment of boarding fees. 

Check In / Check Out

Because of daily cleaning and care schedules, SWAH adheres to specified Pick Up and Drop Off times.   While SWAH is open 6 days each week, (Monday through Saturday), Specific Boarding Drop Off and Pick Up times designated for each day are as follows: 

Regular Boarding                      Pick Up                                                       Drop Off          

Monday – Friday                          Between 8am – 12pm                         Between 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Saturday                                   Between 11 am – 12 pm                        Between 7am – 9 am

Special Drop Off and Pick Up times may be arranged for an additional $25 fee. 

Boarding pets picked up after 12 pm will be charged for an additional day of boarding

Boarding pets picked up after 4:30 pm will be charged a $35 Late fee

Boarding Pick-Up is not available past 5:30 pm

Any pets who have not been picked up by 5:30 pm will not be available for pick up until the next morning

Kennel Baths

A Complimentary Kennel Bath* (just a basic bath) is provided, on the morning of checkout, for all dogs who board for 5 days/nights or more. There is special pricing for Kennel Baths for boarders who stay less than 5 boarding days –

Kennel Bath –    50 lbs and under           $20

Kennel Bath –    Over 50 lbs                   $35

Kennel Bath Blow Out –                         $10 – $20 (depending on size)

*Certain breeds with thicker/long hair coats require a full groom, this will be addressed with the owner during the scheduling process. Complimentary Kennel Baths are not available during special holidays and peak times throughout the year due to volume.


Leash: For the safety of everyone, all dogs are required to enter and exit the facility on-leash. Remember, your dog may be friendly, but we may have other dogs in the lobby that have not been assessed yet.

Medications: If your dog is taking any medications, be sure to bring them in the original bottle.  This is a state requirement and ensures that we can provide accurate dosing.   Please make sure to also bring any special dosing instructions.  SWAH does not charge an additional fee for administering oral medications.


Food:  SWAH recommends that you bring your dog’s own food when boarding, but this is not a requirement.  Maintaining a consistent diet of their own food may help those pets with a sensitive stomach avoid digestive issues during their stay.  If you bring your dog’s food, please be sure to bring it pre-portioned and labeled with your dog’s name and the meal (i.e., Fluffy Smith -breakfast) in zip lock bags or plastic containers with lids.  You may also want to bring some extra food just in case your travel plans change. 

If your dog runs out of food, we will feed them our house food unless other arrangements are made.

We provide Purina Veterinary Diet as our “house” food that your dog can eat during their stay.  There is also a wet Purina Veterinary Diet that we offer for an additional $2 per day.   


Bedding:   Please do not bring your pet’s bedding from home, as SWAH will provide bedding.  We use kennel specific sized bedding and inspect for chewing and launder beds daily to ensure for the safest and most hygienic atmosphere for your pet.

Toys:  Please do not bring toys or other personal items as we want to minimalize resource guarding behavior (barking and pacing) as well as keep choking hazards out of kennels.


Accidents, injuries, and medical problems can develop suddenly and require immediate attention.  You authorize SWAH to do whatever is deemed necessary for the safety, health and well-being of your dog and you agree to be responsible for any expense incurred. If our staff is concerned that your dog has become seriously injured or ill, we will contact you or your emergency contact, if possible. However, you acknowledge that if a decision needs to be made quickly, you authorize SWAH to provide emergency treatment, when, in its sole discretion, deems necessary. 

Because emergency care can become expensive and surgeries to correct medical conditions are not always successful, you may direct SWAH of a dollar limit and/or specify what measures you would like to pursue.   You must document that desire in writing with your signature for your dog’s file. Otherwise, SWAH will provide all available treatment possible, and you will be responsible for the payment of any expenses.


NO Intact Dogs

In consideration of the safety and well-being of all dogs that are boarding with SWAH, as well as our care providers, all adult dogs that board with SWAH must be spayed (female) or neutered (male). 

We understand that there are some breeds (especially larger breeds), that need to be fully mature before they can be altered, we do allow well behaved, large breed puppies, up to the age of 14 months old, to board while still intact. 

NO Aggressive Dogs

SWAH does not provide boarding services for dogs with aggressive behavior.  Growling, lunging, snapping, biting, and charging are all examples of aggressive behavior. 

NO Sick, Incontinent, or Immobile Dogs

Dogs that are actively sick (being treated for any contagious or chronically debilitating condition), incontinent, or who are not able to stand, walk and navigate stairs, cannot be boarded.

If your dog is coughing before your scheduled board appointment, do not bring them to SWAH, as we wish to consider the safety and well-being of all our boarders.  If your dog has recently been treated for Kennel Cough, they must be at least 10 days from starting treatment (and not exhibiting any signs – coughing, gagging, etc.) before they can be accepted in for boarding.


While we work vigilantly to provide the safest environment possible for your dog, accidents and illnesses can still happen.  Choosing to board your dog with SWAH signifies that you accept these risks, and you release SWAH and its staff from all liability arising from the occurrence of such events.

In the event of an accident, injury or illness while staying with us, we will attempt to reach you with regards to the medical care measures that you would like provided for your pet.  Of course, in any situation that requires immediate attention to stabilize your pet, prompt triage care will be provided while we attempt to reach you.  You understand and agree that this stabilization care will be your financial responsibility.

SWAH does require the Bordetella vaccine be up to date for all dogs that visit us (within the past year).   It is important to note that even with the vaccine, like a flu vaccine for people, vaccination does not prevent all strains of potential upper respiratory issues.

Abandoned Dogs

No dog may be abandoned at SWAH.   SWAH is not a pet shelter, nor do we find homes for homeless pets. We do, however, support and partner with many groups that provide these types of services and we would be happy to share their contact information with you if you need it. 

If your dog is lodging with us, you may extend your dog’s stay by calling the front desk and making payment in full if the stay is extended beyond one week. *Any dog that is left at SWAH without extending the stay and appropriate payment, will be considered abandoned. If your dog is deemed abandoned under local, state, or federal laws or regulations, you understand that SWAH will, by default, become the legal owner and guardian of the dog.

If this happens, SWAH will then, in its sole discretion, determine whether to find another home for the dog or to relinquish the dog to a local shelter.  

*You understand and agree that if you abandon your dog at SWAH, you relinquish possession of your dog and will have no recourse against SWAH. Further, you release SWAH from all further liability and responsibility for your dog.

If you abandon your dog, you will still be responsible for the full boarding stay and any expenses incurred, including but not limited to any applicable attorney’s fees or court costs.


Southwoods Animal Hospital reserves the right to refuse boarding services for medical reasons or otherwise as determined by our team.