Meet Steven, a seven-year-old neutered male domestic shorthair kitty cat. Steven came to Southwoods because he was straining to urinate. He was fortunate to have a very observant family who knew something was wrong when he continually went to the litter box without producing any urine.

Steven was suffering from feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC), which is a very challenging and life-threatening condition that can occur in all cats, with male cats being most often affected. We usually do not fully identify the culprit, but stress almost always plays a role. Other contributing factors can include urinary tract infection, urinary stones or even anatomical defects.

When FIC hits, it can cause a partial or complete urinary obstruction. When pets are unable to urinate, this becomes an emergency that will quickly lead to kidney failure if not treated. Steven required bloodwork and a urinalysis to further evaluate his overall health. Luckily for Steven, he responded to aggressive treatment efforts that included hospitalization with a urinary catheter, administration of intravenous fluids and multiple medications.

Steven is now comfortably back at home and will remain on a special diet to help manage this condition!