The vets and technicians are the most caring and professional people I have ever met. They cared for my very very spicy with a double scoop of bad attitude old cat and she is doing so so well. Highly recommend them, esp if you also have a grumpy baby.

- Lisa C

Not only do they care for your pets, they care about you too! The best place to go!

- Marsha D

This is a wonderful animal hospital/veterinarian office. The staff is very professional and patient. They provide quality top notch service and very sweet to my baby.

- Pamela J

These are the kindest, sweetest, caring people. They explain everything and answer any questions. If you need vet services you can trust them. Very knowledgeable in all types of pets. Their all just good-hearted people who love animals. Would highly recommend.

- Kimberly S

My Great Grandmothers cat was a patient at Southwoods in the 1980’s, my Grandmas dogs have all been patients at Southwoods, all of my childhood animals were patients here, and my first job ever was here. Now, all my animals are patients here, despite me living nearly an hour away. Southwoods has literally taken care of my family’s animals for decades. The Doctors have changed over the years, but the level of care has not- there is no place I would rather trust with my animals care.

- Josh B

I decided to come here when my big guy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. With care and love they took great care of him. When he tore his ACL they did his surgery. Now he's playing and doing things as a puppy he could not. I entrust boys with them and rely on their expert advise. Tyson has a life other than laying around now. Thank you.

- Stacey Sorenson

The staff is always friendly and the doctors spend quality time with your animals during the exam. I would definitely recommend them. They have a wonderful team working there.

- Lisa Miller

Awesome place! My little dogs Harley and Holly walk in and just wag their whole bodies when the staff speaks to them. My big fella Elvis loves it there too! They all get so much love and attention when they are there from all of the staff and docs!

- Melinda Jones

it's a great place I have been taking my animals there for about 10 years now . everyone in my family uses southwood .It's never a long wait and the staff is friendly. the facility is always clean. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet.

- Aaisha Hester

Love the folks at Southwoods! They have been taking care of my Zeke and Maddie since they were puppies and Zeke is 16 and Maddie is 13. Thanks so much for helping us with Zeke during our crisis this morning.....it is nice to know my furbabies are truly cared about.....

- Kristy Nelson Cardwell

Fantastic staff. The care my pets are given is great. Very sympathetic to the loss of our pets when we had to put them down. Got a paw print and a condolence card signed by the staff. They really do care.

- Kenny Pierce

I have been going to Southwoods for almost 10 years. Over that time I've developed some personal relationships with some of the staff. This vet is full of good people who love animals.

- Jessica Atkinson Giles

I love the staff at Southwoods. They are the most caring group of people I've ever known. Dr. Clark has a heart of gold and my furbabies have been going to them for years. I highly reccomend them to anyone.

- Chandra Cook

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