Client Care Agreement

Let’s lay down the essentials of this purrfect partnership.

 #RealTalk. We know some days are just a series of spilled coffees, traffic jams, and dogs who think shoes are chew toys. But when it comes to visiting us, we’ve got some rules. Stick to them, and we are golden.

RUFF DAYS AND HOW TO DEAL: We all have ’em. But remember the golden rule: Bad day or not, don’t be rude- especially not to our excellent staff, who probably also had a ruff day but still showed up to care for your pet.

SCHEDULING POLICY: We’re organized but not clairvoyant. Drop-ins without a heads-up can be tricky, so no impromptu visits, please. We adore you (and your furry pals), but we typically cannot accommodate walk in appointments or service requests. Schedule ahead. We make it super simple through our app or over the phone.

For any unscheduled pop-ins: we’ll triage and decide based on the situation. Remember to give us a ring if it’s urgent; we reserve some spots daily just for those ‘oops, shouldn’t have eaten that‘ moments.

LATE POLICY: ‘Fashionably late’ is great for parties, but not so much for vet visits. Aim to get here early to limit the check-in process time. First-timers? Do your homework! Fill out those new client and pet forms ahead of time. We offer a 10-minute grace period. After that, your options might change—work-in, day admission, or the dreaded reschedule. We value punctuality, and so does your pet.

CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULING: Life’s unpredictable; we get it. If plans change, give us a heads-up at least 2 hours before your appointment. Miss that window? You’ll need to drop a deposit for your next booking. Show up, and it goes toward your service; skip out, and it’s a fond farewell to that deposit. Consistent tardiness? After three late arrivals, we’ll have to shift gears. You’ll be in the ’emergency or day admission only’ club, with a side order of extra fees.

EMERGENCIES: If your pet’s situation screams “emergency,” call before arriving. While we have some spots tucked away for urgencies, there might be times when we’re swamped or do not have a doctor on premises to care for your pet.

PAYMENT POLICY: We aim to be transparent. Know your costs upfront. Need flexible payment? We’ve partnered up with some great options.

MUTUAL RESPECT POLICY: We’re all here with a common goal: exceptional pet care. Keep interactions friendly and remember our advice stems from expertise.

MEDICAL RECORDS & VCPR: The VCPR requires us to have an ongoing relationship with your pet. Basically, to give top care, we need to have seen your fur-buddy in the past year. Records needed? Just give us a shout, and they’re yours the next day.

So, there we have it! Respect our rules, and we promise to keep delivering tail-wagging service!

Client Rights & Responsibilities: The ‘Paw-ticulars’

 Your Furr-tastic Client Rights:

  • Medical Insights: Understand the whats, whys, and hows of any decision we make.
  • Cost Clarity: No surprise bills here. You’ll know the expenses before we proceed.
  • Treatment Talk: We’ll present the options; you get a say. After all, it’s a partnership.
  • Feedback Forum: Have a question or concern? We’re all ears.
  • Top-Notch Care: Expect only kindness, respect, and the occasional pun.

Your Role As A Pet Parent:

  • Give us the 411 on your pet’s past. The more we know, the better we tailor their care.
  • We love a little fun banter, but let’s keep interactions respectful and positive.
  • Bill Settlement: Payment is due when services are rendered.
  • Respect our calendar, and we promise to respect your time.
  • Your pet’s care plan is a two-way street. Let’s collaborate and make it the best!