Skin problems can be caused by any one or a variety of the following: fungal infections, bacterial infections, allergic reactions, auto-immune diseases, yeast infections, parasites, systemic diseases and even certain types of cancer. Symptoms of a skin disease may include scabbing, pustules, hair loss, hair thinning, skin pigmentation, itching, redness, ear infections and even hot spots. Skin conditions may be diagnosed with tests such as fungal cultures, skin scrapes, allergy testing, skin biopsies, blood work and occasionally x-rays. Most of these tests are performed right at our hospital. Treatment options for skin disorders can vary from topical medicated shampoos, sprays or creams, to medicated dips, and even oral antibiotics, antihistamines, antifungals or in rare cases steroids. See the “Allergy” section for treatment options for skin allergies. If your pet is ailing from a dermatological or “skin” disease, please call for an appointment today.