Greensboro, NC Pet News

Stop The Tick-ing Time Bomb Of Disease

According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, over 302, 987 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease in 2017. But this isn’t just a canine problem: those infected ticks can make their way from your dog to your family, and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports that the disease is on the rise in […]

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Have a Happy Howliday With These Pet Safety Tips

The festive winter holidays make for a spectacularly fun season for us humans. But our decorations and jovial parties put our pets at risk! Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe this season. Decorating a Christmas tree? If you have a cat, skip the tinsel. Cats are particularly attracted to shiny objects, so […]

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Local Pet Spotlight: Oscar and Lou

Last spring, Dr. Clark and his girlfriend rescued two great dane puppies when they were only a few days old. They named these puppies Oscar and Lou. They were from an emergency cesarean section performed on the mom. The circulation to Oscar’s left foot was compromised in the womb, leaving his paw very infected and […]

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New Online Store

We’re now partnered with VetSource! No more scraping the bottom of the bag searching for one more serving of food! Southwoods Animal Hospital is now partnered with VetSource, so you can order your pet’s food and medicine through us from the comfort of your own home. Even better, you can set up AutoShip so your […]

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