Arthritis in Pets

Osteoarthritis is unfortunately common in older pets. Arthritis occurs when the smooth cartilage that protects the bones at their joints breaks down, causing chronic pain and inflammation. Exposed joints are subject to degenerative wear and tear that leads to irreversible damage, hindering flexibility and movement.

Symptoms of arthritis include walking stiffly, limping, stiffness, discomfort, lameness, swollen joints, pain, inability to jump or climb stairs, and loss of flexibility. If you notice any these signs in your pet, schedule an appointment us today. Southwoods Animal Hospital will conduct a physical that includes x-rays and diagnostic tests to confirm the source of your pet’s symptoms.


Treatment for pet arthritis primarily aims to manage symptoms. It can include prescribed antibiotics, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, nutritional supplements, dieting and exercise changes. Based off your pet’s medical history, lifestyle and environmental factors, your Southwoods Animal Hospital veterinarian will work closely with you to design an arthritis management plan that best suits the needs of your pet.

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