Internal Medicine

Southwoods Animal Hospital features some of the most advanced veterinary diagnostic technology in the Greensboro and greater North Carolina area. Our internal medicine facilities include:

  • Laboratory. We have an in house laboratory in which we can perform many blood tests within minutes. In the event of an emergency this can give us the necessary information on how to proceed with treatment. Major blood work is sent to Antech Laboratory which is a national veterinary laboratory.
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) Used for diagnosing abnormal heart beats and can be a screen for heart enlargement.
  • Ultrasound. An ultrasound works by broadcasting high-frequency sound waves that reflect off your pet’s internal structures. A small probe held against the skin collects the returning signals to create an image of the internal body, most commonly used to examine abdominal organs like the stomach, kidneys, liver, spleen and gallbladder.
  • Oncology (cancer) treatment.
  • Digital Radiology (x-ray) These use electromagnetic radiation directed towards the body to highlight objects within. These popular tests can detect a number of abnormalities including skeletal fractures, soft tissue damage, foreign bodies and dental disease. Radiography remains one of the most popular and accurate non-invasive diagnostic tools in the veterinary industry.