Surgical Laser

A laser creates a specific tissue reaction depending on the wavelength of light it produces. Lasers have exceptional absorption properties by water molecules normally found in soft tissue. When applied, laser energy instantly targets the intracellular water, vaporizing the cells, while leaving the surrounding tissue virtually unaffected. This precision makes laser an excellent method for soft tissue surgery.

Reduced Pain and Bleeding

Laser energy automatically cauterizes nerve endings as it moves through tissue, resulting in less post-operative pain and bleeding. When defocused, the laser also acts as an effective coagulation device, allowing for better visibility during surgery and reduced risk of complications.

Decreased Swelling

During surgery, laser energy automatically seals lymphatic vessels, causing additional no bruising or tearing of tissue. This reduced tissue trauma minimizes inflammatory response and decreases swelling.

Faster Recovery

Decreased bleeding, swelling, and pain means your pet can return to normal activity and their home environment faster.

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